Head Lice Prevention

Looking to prevent head lice and nits? We’ve got you covered.

KP24’s head lice prevention products such as KP24 Rapid Head Lice Defence Spray and KP24 Anti Lice Shampoo contain natural ingredients and can be applied regularly to the hair and scalp to repel lice and help to prevent headlice infestations.  


3 Items

  1. KP24 Rapid Kit
    Treat, remove and prevent head lice and their eggs with the KP24 Rapid Kit.
  2. KP24 Anti-Lice Shampoo
    KP24 Anti -Lice Shampoo has been specifically developed to prevent head lice infestation.
  3. KP24 Rapid Head Lice Defence Spray 50mL
    KP24 Rapid Defence Spray defends against head lice. Pesticide free and ideal for everyday defence.

3 Items

About Head Lice Prevention

Head lice are primarily spread by direct contact, so avoiding head-to-head contact, tying up long hair and avoiding sharing personal items such as combs, hats and hair accessories goes a long way towards preventing infestations.   

For extra protection and peace of mind, use head lice prevention products such as KP24 Anti-Lice Shampoo for protection against lice infestation for up to 3 days and KP24 Head Lice Defence Spray for daily protection of up to 8 hours! Spray on hair and hats, it's as easy as that! For best results, pair our Treat products with products from our Treat rangeand Remove range.

Looking for the louse lowdown? Dive into The Nitty Gritty to learn the basics about head lice and nits and how to use KP24 products!

Itching to learn even more? For more detailed information, check out our guides in Lice Advice!

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Head Lice Prevention: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do head lice prevention sprays work?

    KP24 Rapid Head Lice Defence Spray is pesticide  free and prevent head lice infestations using a blend of natural oils.

  • What repels head lice?

    Natural oils such as eucalyptus, orange, cinnamon, tea tree and lavender oils deter head lice. KP24 Rapid Head Lice Defence Spray contains a blend of these!

  • Where to buy KP24 products in Australia?

    KP24 products are available in Chemist Warehouse and selected leading and independent pharmacies across Australia. 

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