Head Lice Removal 

Need to remove nits? Equip yourself with our KP24 Remove products for the removal of head lice and their eggs. 

A quality fine tooth comb, such as the KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb, is the most effective tool for removing lice, nits and egg casings. Use one end of this handy tool for detangling hair, and the other for removing head lice and nits from hair strands.

KP24 Egg Remover contains the active ingredient lactic acid in a shampoo base to help dissolve the connective glue bond between nits and hair to make removal of nits and egg casings easier. Pair with our KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb to triple the number of eggs removed in one session!


4 Items

  1. KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb
    KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb detangles hair and removes head lice and their eggs. Use as part of the KP24 head lice treatment.
  2. KP24 Rapid Combing Solution
    KP24 Rapid Combing Solution is a soft conditioner that makes head lice and egg removal easy and painless. Use with KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb to increase lice removal.
  3. KP24 Lice Egg Remover
    Kp24 Lice Egg Remove is formulated to break down the connective glue between the egg and the hair, allowing for easier removal.
  4. KP24 Rapid Kit
    Treat, remove and prevent head lice and their eggs with the all-in -one KP24 Rapid Kit.

4 Items

About Head Lice Removal

Head lice and their eggs are typically found close to the scalp and removing them can be a tricky and time-consuming process. However, the right tools can make this task much more manageable. Head lice and nits can be very resilient, so it is important to comb the hair thoroughly and to repeat the combing process every few days for at least two weeks to ensure all nits and egg casings are removed. For best results, pair with our products from the KP24 Treat range and the KP24 Repel and Prevent range.

Looking for the louse lowdown? Dive into The Nitty Gritty to learn the basics about head lice and nits and how to use KP24 products!

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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Head Lice Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to remove head lice?

    Use one of our products from the KP24 Treat range to kill head lice and their eggs. In between treatments use products from the KP24 Remove range including KP24 Rapid Combing Solution, the KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb and the KP24 Lice Egg Remover to help against reinfestation and keep you head lice free.

  • How long to remove head lice?

    KP24’s range of head lice removal products can be used regularly between head lice treatments in order to remove head lice, their eggs and egg casings. KP24 Removal products may be used every few days in between head lice treatments for a couple of weeks in order to help remove any remaining headlice after treatment  and prevent reinfestation. 

  • Can you get rid of head lice in one day?

    You can effectively treat head lice in a single day using products from the KP24 Treat range. However, it may be necessary to repeat treatment due to the head lice lifecycle  (for example, at 14 days) and to use removal products in between treatments in order to remove all head lice and eggs and to prevent reinfestation. 

  • Where to buy KP24 products in Australia?

    KP24 products are available in Chemist Warehouse and selected leading and independent pharmacies around Australia. 

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