Head Lice Products

Are you in search of a complete solution for head lice infestation?  

KP24 offers a wide range of products designed to TreatRemove, and Prevent head lice.  

As one of Australia’s top selling lice treatment brands, we are dedicated to providing effective and efficient solutions for your family's head lice needs. But our care doesn't stop at treatment - we also offer products to help remove head lice and their eggs and our prevention products to keep those pesky lice at bay. 

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. 


12 Items

  1. KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb
    KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb detangles hair and removes head lice and their eggs. Use as part of the KP24 head lice treatment.
  2. KP24 Rapid Combing Solution
    KP24 Rapid Combing Solution is a soft conditioner that makes head lice and egg removal easy and painless. Use with KP24 Dual Action Lice Comb to increase lice removal.
  3. KP24 Rapid with LPF 100mL
    KP24 Rapid with LPF is the latest innovation in head lice treatments. The rapid formula kills head lice and their eggs, and the specially developed Lice Protection Factor (LPF) protects against reinfestation.
  4. KP24 Lice Egg Remover
    Kp24 Lice Egg Remove is formulated to break down the connective glue between the egg and the hair, allowing for easier removal.
  5. KP24 Rapid Family Pack 250mL
    KP24 RAPID is the latest innovation in head lice treatments to kill head lice and their eggs. The larger 250mL bottle Family Pack contains up to 3 treatments. 
  6. KP24 Rapid Kit
    Treat, remove and prevent head lice and their eggs with the all-in -one KP24 Rapid Kit.
  7. KP24 Green + Comb 100mL
    KP24 GREEN is a natural and powerful lotion that kills head lice and nits. It is composed of hemisqualane and beeswax, which work to dehydrate and suffocate head lice and their eggs. KP24 GREEN lotion does not contain neurotoxic insecticides, so there is no risk of resistance development.
  8. KP24 Anti-Lice Shampoo
    KP24 Anti -Lice Shampoo has been specifically developed to prevent head lice infestation.
  9. KP24 Nit Bomb 50mL with Comb
    Insecticide free - Effectively kills head lice and eliminates lice eggs in 1 single treatment
  10. KP24 Rapid 300mL Trigger
    A rapid 10minute head lice treatment with targeted trigger application for fast and effective treatment.
  11. KP24 Rapid Head Lice Defence Spray 50mL
    KP24 Rapid Defence Spray defends against head lice. Pesticide free and ideal for everyday defence.
  12. KP24 Sensitive + Comb 100mL
    KP24 Sensitive is a powerful water-based solution that kills head lice and their eggs and prevents against reinfestation for up to 3 days. Suitable for sensitive skin. Silicone free making it easy to wash out without any greasy residue.

12 Items

Effective Head Lice Solutions for Every Family

We understand that dealing with head lice can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That's why we've developed a range of products to make this task more manageable. We offer products designed to tackle head lice at every stage, whether you’re looking to Treat, Remove or to Repel and Prevent! 

Looking for the louse lowdown? Dive into The Nitty Gritty to learn the basics about head lice and nits and how to use KP24 products!

Itching to learn even more? For more detailed information, check out our guides in Lice Advice!

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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